EDI, every month, the full panorama of the world of IT distribution

Thanks to a five year period exclusively dedicated to it distribution, e.d.i. imposed itself as the reference magazine. which publication could, in the universe of it distribution, claim a more exhaustive business presence and technology monitoring than the e.d.i. magazine?

“Mirroring your profession, E.D.I. anticipates  and follows up on the evolution of IT Distribution. Its objective, each month, is to deliver to IT actors dense and clear information covering current themes and market mutations.

This is why, during these five years, the magazine contents evolved so very much.

Presently, E.D.I. offers more than twenty topics to its readers: resellers, integrators, VARs, ESNs, telecoms and office specialists, or even MSPs. Each one should find contents matching his/its business and problems.

Is the market boiling hot? Our experts bring their technical insights. Are events multiplying? Our reporters cover major conferences worldwide. Innovating products, success stories from wealth creators, inventive partner programs: the E.D.I. magazine focuses its spotlight on everything that is of interest to you about IT.

And to control the market better, special thematic issues explore the deep changes occurring within the industry, sequentially, offering you accurate analyses and forecasts.

Have a pleasant reading !

Vincent VERHAEGHE Rédacteur en Chef E.D.I.